SAUTER ASV VAV Controller allows demand-based volume flow control in order to optimize energy consumption in ventilation systems. Differential pressures of as little as 1Pa can be controlled to allow minimal volume flows for the lowest possible duct pressure and energy consumption.


  • Supply and return air control for individual rooms such as offices, conference rooms, and hotel rooms, in conjunction with a VAV box or a damper and flow probe
  • Static differential pressure measurement based on the capacitive measurement principle
  • Can be used in areas with dirty or contaminated return air
  • High-precision measurement of differential pressures with measuring ranges of up to 300 Pa
  • Variable running times 30… 120 s
  • Brushless DC motor guarantees minimum energy consumption and a long service life
  • Electronic torque limitation for safe operation
  • Disengageable transmission for manual adjustment and damper positioning
  • Integrated second controller for additional applications
  • Very easy programming using the SAUTER CASE VAV software
  • Constant air volume control via parameterisable inputs
  • Adjustable end values of the differential pressure range
  • 100… 300 Pa
  • Efficient control algorithm

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