APPLICATION: Ventilation System, Room Automation

The ecos 5 room automation stations are a range of stations in the EY-modulo 5 families that are specially designed to meet the requirements of comprehensive room automation. This controller is freely programmable and can be used for various ventilation fans application. Highest level of flexibility with regard to adjusting the controller to the respective system and thus ensuring extremely energy-efficient operation. Additionally, communication with management level via open protocol to exchange data for the energy-efficient operation of the installation.



  • Configurable controllers for a wide range of applications for ventilation, air-conditioning, and heating
  • Part of SAUTER EY-modulo 5 system family
  • Communication, BACnet/IP
  • Optimize energy consumption, thanks to occupancy function, windows contact monitoring, demand-controlled switching of fan speeds, control of lighting and windows blinds and time-dependent set point specification.
  • Predictive control based on meteorological forecast data
  • Time and Calendar function
  • Integration with BMS system via BACnet IP
  • 2Xrj 45 connection for Ethernet Switched.
  • Total 42 IO points and can be extended by Extension modules.

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