ibms8SAUTER EMS is an indispensable tool for energy managers and installation operators. The mobile version, SAUTER EMS Mobile, also enables close monitoring and continuous optimisation of the energy efficiency of buildings and production plants. The mobile application supports the widely used HTML5 standard, independently of the platform, and can be used with every mobile browser.

SAUTER EMS is the professional solution for displaying all types of energy consumption, identifies the potential for saving energy and provides fundamental information for operating in a more energy-efficient manner and, therefore, more cost-effectively and competitively. Support is provided for the requirements of the ISO50001:2011 standard and energy audits according to ISO 50002 (EN 16247) for energy management systems and the guidelines for introducing them in companies.

Transparency and visualisation of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

SAUTER EMS offers all the advantages of a state-of-the-art cloud solution. For example, energy management information can be called up at any time online, and reports can be sent automatically in a variety of formats.

As an alternative, EMS is also available as a license solution for implementation in an existing IT infrastructure.

To provide an overview for company-wide energy management, maps of the various locations are available so that users can skip directly to the detailed views. These maps can also be defined as alarm overviews.

For optimized planning, SAUTER EMS provides forecast functions based on reference curves with calculated past values.

Measurement data is analyzed and displayed in standardized reports or on portal pages that are available online and can be called up in a WEB browser via smartphones and tablets (iOS or Android), and via standard PCs and notebooks.

EMS Mobile is a smartphone and tablet app that provides optimized access to alarms and portal pages, as well as the option of entering meter readings online.


SAUTER EMS logs your energy data and visualises your consumption using meaningful diagrams. In this way, any energy consumed by the heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting, etc. becomes visible at a glance. Comparative displays of historical data – such as previous year, month or week – give the presentation even more substance.

Key performance indicators and set point referencing are available using web technologies.

To be able to use SAUTER EMS, just a simple web browser is required. This makes access possible from anywhere – with the displays (either global or user-dependent) filtered centrally or locally. The central property management section provides an overview of all the buildings; it is also possible to make specific local portal views available to individual users.



SAUTER EMS offers all the advantages of a modern cloud solution. You can call up your energy management information online and at any time, or have automated reports sent to you in different formats. The entire IT infrastructure and the support for the system is already included in the SAUTER EMS hosting solution. This solution provides you with absolute planning reliability and helps to keep your costs to a minimum.

Would you like your own license solution for storing your energy data? We are happy to incorporate SAUTER EMS into your own IT infrastructure as an alternative.

Because of the wide range of connectivity options and the use of standardised protocols such as BACnet, SAUTER EMS can be used independently of any particular manufacturer. This enables parts of buildings and properties with third-party systems to be incorporated easily into SAUTER EMS.


EMS provides the foundation for the continuous process of optimisation throughout the entire life-cycle of a building. Because of the comprehensive statistical analyses and the comparisons based on benchmarks, direct comparisons, and long-term analyses, large cost reductions are possible. SAUTER EMS constantly identifies savings potential that, depending on the degree of optimisation, can generate savings of over 40%.


Standard reports for showing measurement data and comprehensiveibms10 analysis options with scatter and carpet plots, as well as load curves, which are important components and prerequisites for various “Green Building” certifications by standards such as LEED, BREEAM, EnEV, MINERGIE, HQE, GreenCalc+, and for ISO 50001 company certification and ISO 50002 / EN 16247 auditing.

ibms11Logbook for documenting measures and entering comments and notes, in line with ISO 50001. Displaying portal elements in external applications, including websites, PowerPoint presentations, and Green Building monitors. SDC FTP data source for automatic import of CSV, XML, MSCONS, and LPEX file formats with definable import interval.


Dynamic view of Carpet Plot chart


Energy flow charts (Sankey diagram)


SAUTER EMS can record the data of individual buildings, rental properties, or even more widespread branch operations and properties – locally, in Europe and worldwide.

The system can be easily expanded by various modules to include additional properties or branches. SAUTER EMS grows with your requirements.


Software Data Connector (SDC): module for collecting energy data from a building Management system. The data is sent to the EMS server at configurable intervals and then automatically processed for visualization. The SDCs are available for e-mail, SNMP, SQL, and various BMS applications.

Independently of BMS applications, two different data loggers (EDL) record the respective energy data using the BACnet, Modbus TCP/IP, MBus and KNX/IP protocols.

The Energy Data Logger EDL 1000 has a capacity of 10,000 data points and sends the recorded and buffered data point values to the EMS server at freely-definable intervals. The EDL 50 is designed to handle up to 50 data points and can send the data to the EMS server either by Ethernet cable or by radio signal (GSM/GPR/Edge). In addition, the EDL 50 has an M-Bus level converter for connecting up to 25 end devices, such as meters.


ibms14EMS Mobile provides access to portals, alarms and manual input for smartphones and tablets based on Apple iOS or Android platforms. Entering the meter readings in the smartphone improves efficiency substantially and eliminates a potential source of errors and delays because the values are transferred directly and automatically from the smartphone into the EMS. If the smartphone or tablet loses reception, the data is saved in the buffer (thanks to EMS Mobile’s offline functionality) and automatically sent to the EMS as soon as reception has been restored.

Direct portal access, specially developed for mobile devices, provides the users and energy managers with information at any time and from anywhere. Access rights can be assigned via EMS for each portal and, therefore, to individual energy managers. The third function in EMS Mobile is access to alarms. EMS alarms and their various statuses are always available online and can be acknowledged via EMS Mobile

The wide range of input options makes SAUTER EMS an extremely flexible and versatile energy management solution. The various connection options via software connectors for different BMS systems and for SQL-based systems, plus the direct connection of meters without BMS, make EMS a completely autonomous product that can be used in buildings as well as in a range of industries and production environments.


In addition to the various ways of presenting the energy consumption levels, EMS provides analysis and monitoring functions, e.g. for assessing the effectiveness of a heat recovery system in detail. In this way, carpet plot and energy signature graphs as a function of supply- and return-air temperatures – as well as valve positions – are important analysis tools which are necessary for any energy manager and energy consultant in addition to the load curve and different KPIs.

Standardized reports provide regular information and are available either automatically or at the touch of a button. It is also possible to create dedicated reports based on the customer’s requirements. These may be, for instance, energy flow diagrams with the corresponding consumption values or energy performance certificates or the classification of energy consumption within a KPI scale.


SAUTER EMS Mobile also provides an extremely useful QR code function for entering meter values: Instead of identifying a data point manually, the user captures the machine-readable code at the individual stations of a meter round using the camera of the mobile device. This simplifies and speeds up the process significantly. The sequence in which the data points are displayed can also be customized for the meter rounds. Data points already read are identified automatically and moved to the end of the list.


The application also actively helps you avoid meter-reading errors. It compares the entered values online with the value from the last recording period and informs the user about a potential error if there is a significant deviation. If there is no internet connection, all the entries are saved. As soon as there is a connection again, the values are immediately transferred to the SAUTER EMS server.


  • Data acquisition, validation, and automatic aggregation to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly values
  • Data acquisition and monitoring of locations and rental areas
  • Various graphic displays, key performance indicators, carpet plot, load curve
  • Key figures such as electricity and heat consumption per area, CO2 emissions per area.
  • Alarm and fault management
  • Manual input of counter values
  • Plausibility checks and rectification
  • Central user administration
  • Portal-based standard reports and optional client-specific reports using the BIRT Report Engine
  • Display of graphics on external applications such as the client’s website, in a building’s entrance area (Green Building Monitor).
  • Logbook function for documentation of, and comments on, incidents Active energy management due to the direct forwarding of defined alarms to the building management system
  • Online access to portals and alarms with browser-optimised display on smartphone or tablet
  • Direct input and transfer of counter values via EMS Mobile to EMS for making manual meter readings more efficient. Furthermore, offline functionality and automatic transfer of data are possible when reception is restored, i.e. it is possible to enter the reading manually offline.
  • Complies with the ISO 50001 requirement to introduce energy management systems, plus various ‘green building’ certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, HQE, and Minergie.

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