Buildingsense Australia is a subsidiary of BuildingIQ. As such, our offering includes BuildingIQ’s 5i Platform of technology-enabled services. 

Data analytics plays a big role in building energy optimisation. Digital building management systems help us to collect a massive amount of data in the form of telemetry trends and alarms.

In general, what we are able to manage through the BMS accounts for $1 of the total life cycle of a building. In a scale of 1 to 10, $2 to $10 is about data science.

Our approach involves applying the BuildingIQ 5i Platform during DLP of a project to analyse and fine-tune control loops and to understand building performance much better. During ongoing service contracts, we continue to apply the 5i Platform services to make the buildings more efficient.

The industry is shifting towards predictive maintenance and optimisation rather than standard routine maintenance. Once a building is connected to the BuildingIQ platform, a team of engineers monitors and optimises its performance. A monthly report is delivered to the client with a detailed description of the tunning that has been done to make the building more efficient. This is agile implementation at its best which leads to continuous improvement.

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