Ernest Johnson Oval South Perth


Buildingsense Australia wins contract to supply and install SAUTER Controls BMS and integrated sun shading system by Controlling Blinds Motors on SMI interface to achieve maximum energy saving for Ernest Johnson Oval South Perth.

For Ernest Johnson, Oval project Buildingsense Australia is implementing SAUTER integrated sun shading system which will provide following benefits to customer.

  1. Up to 8% of lighting energy can be saved by using shading control (SAUTER)
  2. An additional lighting energy saving of around 10%-13% can be made by automatically adjusting the slats (Wiki/SAUTER)
  3. In an integrated system, the combination of automatic slat adjustment and constant light control can reduce the overall energy requirement to almost a third (Under ideal conditions in rooms with a good supply of daylight) An enormous reduction in the energy re-required(SAUTER)


  1. When the Cooling mode is active, and if it is appropriate, automatic shading and slat adjustment in a SAUTER system additionally prevents heat radiation from entering the room.
  2. In this case, the windows blinds are closed over and above what would be required for dazzle protection. Sometimes to the extent that artificial lighting is required to illuminate the room. In this case, the energy saved on cooling considerably exceeds the additional lighting energy used.
  3. At SAUTER, the light/heat radiation admitted can even be anticipated and controlled accordingly based on the weather forecast data of the integrated Meteo module.

BuildingIQ 5i platform’s cloud-based Predictive Energy Optimisation autonomous control and commissioning management solutions will be leveraged as the system is being commissioned to embed optimization at inception. BuildingIQ will facilitate commissioning management through diagnostic of the installed BMS and associated mechanical plant to accelerate the process.


For more than 100 years, the SAUTER Group has provided products expertise and solutions for building management and room automation throughout the entire building life cycle. The SAUTER Group, with headquarters in Basel (Switzerland) and new development and production site in Freiburg i.Br. (Germany), is active worldwide. The SAUTER portfolio covers the four areas: Systems, Components, Services and Facility Management. Together, SAUTER stands for the all-round expertise of the company: SAUTER creates sustainable environments. SAUTER can provide impressive references in the following sectors: office and administration buildings, research and education facilities, hospitals, industry and laboratory buildings, airports and railway stations, and leisure centres and hotels.

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Buildingsense Australia is founded to cater a high quality turnkey solutions in Healthcare, Commercial Retails, Age Care Facility, Education, Hotels, Cultural establishment, Life Sciences, Public Buildings and Data Centres. Buildingsense is a Western Australia based family owned business and primarily focus is to provide 100% satisfaction and Great Service to Customers in Australia. Builidngsense has recently opened Sydney office and Melbourne Office is due to open in Mid of 2017. In Nov 2015 Buildingsense appointed official distributor of SAUTER Control International.

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BuildingIQ helps building owners and operators worldwide lower energy use, increase building operations efficiency, and tenant comfort. The company’s 5i cloud-based platform and services deliver on the promise of IoT for buildings with none of the drawbacks. Over 65M square feet of building space is serviced by BuildingIQ across multiple segments globally, including commercial and government offices, healthcare, education, hospitality, and retail.

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