APPLICATION: AHU, Chilled Water, Hot Water, Cooling, Cooling Tower, Condenser Water.

EY-AS BACnet IP Controller is a high-end DDC with an integrated web server, RTC, trends, alarm, dual power supply provision and watchdog output for continuous monitoring.aimg_11

It is most powerful and it can accomplish all the functions required for technical building automation, including precise air-conditioning and regulation, a wide variety of alarm functions, easy-to-use room reservation applications and much more besides. It is a single, integrated system with unlimited scalability

Application areas:

The automation station (AS) is a modular unit that is used for control and regulation in building automation technology as per EN ISO 16484. Short cycle times also make it possible to accomplish control tasks quickly. The automation station contains all the modules and interfaces required for operation, to connect the equipment, and to communicate with other stations and the management level.

It has a total of 16 inputs and 10 outputs. The physical inputs and outputs can also be extended by various I/O modules that can be attached in rows. In addition, the automation station offers the possibility of system integration (connection of non-Sauter systems) by means of communication modules that can be attached in rows.

An integrated web server makes it possible to operate or visualise the parameterised data points within the automation station via a standard internet browser.

Visualisation is carried out either in the form of a list or in plant schematics with dynamised data values. Using the web server, it is possible to set up project-specific, cyclical e-mail notification for alarms, logging and for the transfer of historical data. The outputs on the automation station can also be overridden manually (priority operation) by additional operating elements that can be used on the station itself. The station also allows the direct operating elements to be located remotely, within the plant room (MSSB door).

With no additional precautions, the automation station can be networked and is able to communicate with open communication protocol BACnet/IP based on Ethernet as per EN ISO 16484-5. Programming/parameterisation is handled via a PC with the CASE software as per IEC 61131-3.

As a BACnet server, the automation station provides all the objects required for building automation applications, as well as the relevant properties with the necessary services. Typical users of this information include open management systems, bus-wide operating units, and other ‘BACnet-compatible’ automation stations. In its function as a BACnet client, the automation station supports peer-to-peer transmission.

Performance features:

  • Hardware inputs/outputs (26x I/O)
  • Integrated Ethernet interface,
  • BACnet/IP protocol
  • Integrated web server
  • Local priority override and indication
  • Software function modules
  • HVAC function modules
  • Standard control algorithms (P, PI, PID)
  • Command and selection modules
  • Limitation and limit value modules
  • Timer and switching modules
  • Calculation/computing modules
  • Clock/timer functions
  • Extended function modules
  • Can be extended on a modular basis with I/O modules (up to 8) Com modules (up to 2)
  • ECO10, such as:
    • Energy requirement with basic daily value
    • Primary energy plus CO2 with basic daily value
    • FC fan or damper control with air quality sensor
    • Ventilation systems FC/4-speed fan for free outside cooling

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