Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS) are commonly implemented in large projects with integration with mechanical, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, electronic security system, CCTV system, lift systems, metering system, etc.

SAUTER Vision Centre 4.0 – latest-generation modular building management software for energy-efficient buildings.

The SAUTER Vision Centre (SVC) is a web-based building management system for individual systems and buildings, as well as for dispersed premises.

The SAUTER Vision Centre is used in all kinds of sectors, for example in hotels, office buildings, and public buildings. Using the building management software, geographically separate properties can be centrally operated and visualised. Examples of this are hotel chains, businesses with branch offices and various public buildings in the same municipality.

It guarantees efficient operation and provides visualisation in one place of all plants and equipment systems, because access takes place via a browser, and is possible anytime and anywhere.

To integrate different equipment systems, SVC supports the non-manufacturer-dependent BACnet standard, as well as connection to OPC servers for integrating different protocols in the building automation system.

In order to fully support the integration options, it is also possible to directly connect SAUTER moduWeb Vision via web services and SAUTER novaNet.

This makes it possible to connect existing systems when converting to the new generation of building management software without having to replace the existing automation level.

The integrated energy monitoring module makes it possible to integrate meters and additional manual entry, as well as to view energy consumption directly in the SVC.

Daily, weekly, monthly and annual consumption can be automatically calculated and represented in diagrams. This optional module is the basis for energy monitoring and efficient control of building operation.

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