Thanks to its smart controlling and flexible room division, intelligent room management from SAUTER is extremely adaptable and highly efficient. It covers the latest requirements for room automation (such as directive VDI 3813) and saves energy and costs when operating buildings in accordance with EN 15232.

Integrated room automation significantly lowers a building’s energy consumption and operating costs while simultaneously increasing user comfort. This is why SAUTER believes that, along with heating, ventilation, and cooling for the room climate, lighting and sunshade are equally important components of integrated room automation.

SAUTER room automation fulfills all tasks based on the functions required.

Room climate control

  • The easiest room climate control with fan coil units or chilled ceilings, chilled beams and radiators.
  • Demand-led intelligent unitary control with individual room temperature control for each room or room segment and local room


  • With or without occupancy detection and timer program
  • With CO2-dependent room climate control

Lighting a room

  • Automatic light control (time-dependent)
  • Automatic light control (according to needs with light sensor)

Sun shading functions

  • Glare protection with automatic control of window blinds, depending on the sun position, also with automatic slat tracking
  • Automatic sunshade equipment for using the solar heat radiation for energy-optimised operation of the rooms

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