SAUTER is your room automation specialist. The room climate is a result of the optimum interaction of heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and shade. Ensuring the optimum room climate is our primary task. Using the latest and certified technology we can complete this task, adapting it to your requirements.


Integrated room automation refers to the local installation and operation of automatic control equipment. Its functions are divided into three groups: room climate, lighting, and sun protection. The proper interaction of all three ensures optimum effect.


Our solutions for room automation mean that we can cover all of our customers’ requirements for favourable working environments and functional facilities. We not only ensure an automatically optimised, comfortable indoor climate, but we also offer a simple room control system. Using the local room control system, the user can step in at any time and adjust the room climate to their personal requirements. Open communication allows you to have complete control with a building management system. Consequently, our solutions remain functional, flexible and efficient.

1. Optimal Room Temperature

  • Increase in productivity as a result of well-being
  • A high level of indoor air quality as a result of needs-based indoor air control
  • Individual room climate as a result of local room control

2. Energy efficiency

  • Automatic calculation of the optimum energy utilisation
  • Restorable standard values or individual user settings

Our flexibility goes even further: we provide room control units and room sensor technology in a wide variety of designs from a broad range of manufacturers. This means that you always get the solution that is right for you, in terms of function and aesthetics.
We also have open interfaces for integrating high-end touch solutions for room control systems in specialist rooms such as auditoriums, luxury villas, research laboratories, and open-plan offices.

Successful collaboration

To guarantee smooth workflows when installing and starting up integrated room automation, we provide everything that is necessary for our partners:

  • We give planners all the necessary guidelines and checklists for project planning.
  • We provide architects with a wide choice of design variations, open interfaces, and several integration options.
  • We provide system integrators with expertise via knowledge libraries and enable flexibility with our modular solutions.

EY-MODULO 500 Room Automation Controller

img_10The ecos 5 room automation stations are a range of stations in the Ey modulo 5 family which are specially designed to meet the requirements of comprehensive room automation.

They are structured according to the same technology as the SAUTER modulo 5 automation stations, which means they are also native BACnet stations with communication via Ethernet/IP.


  • Part of the SAUTER EY-modulo 5 system family
  • Communication: BACnet/IP (EN ISO 16484-5)
  • Room automation station for up to four rooms or room segments
  • Can be extended with up to 16 x eco Link remote I/O modules
  • Optimises energy consumption thanks to occupancy function, window contact monitoring, demand-controlled switching of fan speeds, control of lighting and window blinds, and time-dependent set point specification
  • Predictive control based on meteorological forecast data
  • Time and calendar function
  • Integration into the building management system via BACnet IP
  • 2 x RJ 45 connection for Ethernet (switched)


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