SAUTER Controls


Buildingsense Australia (distributor of SAUTER Controls) successfully completed comprehensive hands on Trainings on SAUTER controls software and hardware. It was an open Training session towards our vision to share and Transfer knowledge and not locked with one vendor. We thank for all the participants who came forward from similar industry to attend this Training. Our special Thanks goes to Mr. Murat Tasci, Head of Technical Support, SAUTER international, who come all the way from Germany to provide us Training. Couple of Years ago when Buildingsense Launched SAUTER controls in Australia, I was the only person Trained on SAUTER Controls, but today we are proud to say that Australia have 21 energetic engineers who got certification on SAUTER Controls on 27th Oct 2017.

Buildingsense Australia is a national distributor of Sauter controls international.

For Further Information, Please Contact: Hari Singh | | 0401 658 795